This page provides direct access to all of the XML files which underlie the Website. We believe it is important to make XML code directly available to readers and scholars, so that they can see the core data without distractions. The global metadata for the project is available in project_metadata.xml.





The abstract files are TEI P4 files containing summaries of the actions and events described in the diary. There is one abstract for each month of the diary. Markup practice is documented on this page.

The entry files are TEI P4 files containing the core markup of Graves's diary entries. Each file contains the entries from one month, along with marked-up enclosures and log entries (Graves kept monthly logs of letters sent and received). Markup practice is documented on this page.

The index files are not TEI; they are in a simple list format. Their function is to provide mapping between the markup of entries, logs and enclosures (which are div elements in the TEI) and the images of scanned pages from the diary.

The reference file, references.xml, is not in TEI format. It is an XML representation of all the research data relating to people, places, documents etc. which are mentioned in the diary. This data originates in a PHP/mySQL database (accessible here) and is rendered into a simple XML format so that the eXist engine can index it. The information is then linked into individual renderings of diary content to form footnotes, popup annotations and so on.