March 23 Saturday

To village to Margarita: paid 150 pts on account. Bought a sheepshead for Salamo1. Brought back two dresses for Laura. Rosa here: had made me a white silk night shirt and a pair of red linen trousers. To sea with Salamo. The noise of water frightened him. Trebol: (bright yellow plant[RG] flower on clover stalk). Figs on carretera2 leafing. Road surfaced nearly to pines.
Another version of the poem, now called What Then? 3 Slept afternoon. In evening collected whistle, muzzle (too small) and lead from Fábrica. Letter from Middleditch about impossibility of getting money from Germany.
First artichokes.
Suggestion that Laura Carl, I and possibly Gelat should go to Germany collect & spend the money on useful non-dutiable articles.

Editorial Notes

1RG's dog. eds
2main road. KG
3likely the poem he first titled "And Should I Fail?" See March 22nd entry. eds

Hands Referenced

    • Annotation: ink correction
    • Character: regular
    • Ink: black

People Mentioned

  • Laura

    Riding, Laura
    (1901-91) American poet. Laura Riding (née Reichenthal; then Laura Gottschalk).
  • Karl/Carl

    Goldschmidt, Karl
    Karl Goldschmidt, later Kenneth Gay: Graphic artist, friend and secretary of Robert Graves and Laura Riding since 1934. R. G. spells both as Carl and Karl.
  • Gelat

    Más, Juan Marroig
    Juan Marroig Mas, called Gelat: Landowner on Deyá and friend of Robert Graves and Laura Riding (L.R. & R.G.'s factotum. W.G.)
  • Miss Middleditch

    Middleditch, Miss
    Editor with Arthur Barker Ltd. WG
  • Rosa

    Dress maker. Also made cushions, seat covers, etc. WG
  • Margarita Modista

    Margarita Modista
    Modista: Dress maker (in Deyá). W.G., eds.

Organizations Mentioned

  • Fabrica

    Gelat's household including: his wife, the Madora, his daughter Magdalena, son Juan and daughter-in-law Anita. Other relations often present were Francisquito, his grandson, and Francesquita, Anita's little sister R.G., eds.


    • Title: And Should I Fail? [poem: became "What Then?"]
    • Author: Graves, Robert
    • Title: What Then? [poem: became Historical Particulars. June 25, 1935 R.G.]
    • Author: Graves, Robert

Elements Mentioned

  • boira

    Mist. WG