Tuesday May 21

Laura had a bad night with dysentry. Supplied her with hot-bottles & tea.
In morning to village: curtains to Catalina at Viña Vieja to sew rings on. Wire to Short about Llandaff Castle1 arrival. Round Can Torrent ash table: success. Also oval Mesquida one being made by Miguel, inlaid with olive oval and mulberry.
Afternoon making beds etc at Viña Vieja. Cable from Pinker for permission reprint article in Toronto Star & for copyright authority. Replied. Also from Korda asking whether would undertake T.E. [T.E. Lawrence] film. Replied yes with approval of trustees. Letter from I.M. [Isabel Mayer]2 about poss [possible] visit of N.S.R. here. Cable putting off & "possibly visiting U.S. this autumn" also long letter to I. [Isabel] and N.3 Also letter to Hon E.E.4 about copyright.
Laura in pain ate only porridge & toast.
Llandaff Castle, according to Short, delayed until 5 p.m.
Accounts from Barker & U.S. £800 in all. expected £1000.

Editorial Notes

1Union-Castle liner, running between Southampton and Cape Town 1926-42. eds.
2 Laura Riding's sister. WG
4? Perhaps he meant E.M. (Edward Marsh)? KG, eds.

Hands Referenced

Places Mentioned

  • Can Torrent

    Deyá, Majorca, Sp
    House next to Canellun also belonging to LR & RG. Built by Norman Cameron. WG
  • Mesquida

    Deyá, Majorca, Sp
    The dining room in Canellun was called the Mesquida after a painting hanging in it. WG
  • Viña Vieja

    Deyá, Majorca, Sp
    Name of group of houses behind the Fábrica, of which Can Gelat was one. When the Glovers were staying in the house they were called the "Viñas". WG

People Mentioned

  • Laura

    Riding, Laura
    (1901-91) American poet. Laura Riding (née Reichenthal; then Laura Gottschalk).
  • Miguel

    One of four village carpenters. Others were Miguel Junior, Francisco and Antonio de Ca's Pintat. WG
  • Catalina

    Domestic help. Called in for white-washing, etc. WG
  • Korda

    Korda, Alexander
    Director of the film version of I Claudius.
  • Short

    Shipping agent and operator of a lending library in Palma. K.G.
  • T.E.

    Lawrence, T. E.
    'Lawrence of Arabia.' Met Robert in Oxford in the early twenties. Made Robert his biographer and had him write "Lawrence and the Arabs." WG
  • Pinker

    R.G. & L.R.'s agent in London. W.G. They later changed to A.S. Watt. eds.
  • Isabel

    Mayers, Isabel
    Laura Riding's sister. Lived in L.A. WG
  • N.R.

    Reichenthal, Nathan
    Laura Riding's father. KG

Organizations Mentioned

  • Arthur Barker Ltd.

    Barker, Arthur
    The English publisher of I, Claudius and Claudius the God. WG


    • Title: Toronto Star
    • PubPlace: Toronto, ON, Canada
    • Date: 1935