Nov 29 Friday

T.E. all day.
In evening went to Palma, supper at Lena's bar: my watch to be mended at Rel. Espagnol [Relojeria Española] 1. Offered cheque for ring. "No estoy [sic: soy] accostumbrado."2 "Tiene de romper este costumbre malo."3 "Mañana."4 "No estare aqui mañana."5 No sale.
Late home after a nice time at Macarena's & first film for two years (news reel chiefly) while waiting for M to open.

Editorial Notes

1watchmaker's. KG
2 "I'm not accustomed." KG
3 "Break this bad custom." KG
4 "Tomorrow." KG
5 "Won't be here tomorrow." KG

Hands Referenced

Places Mentioned

  • Palma

    Palma, Majorca, Sp
    Capital and largest centre of Majorca.
  • Lena's Bar

    Palma, Majorca, Sp
    LR and RG sometimes ate here while in Palma on shopping or business trips. eds.
  • Macarena

    Palma, Majorca, Sp
    Palma night club WG


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