Aug. 8th Saturday

Kylmann of Constable came to see us with Tokay1. Phoned Arthur Barker, Cape, Watt, etc etc.
Fearful tired. Maids very nice (Mary & Violet Hale of Blaina)
Met Mother at 5.55 at Paddington. She went to Osnaburgh Hotel.
Clothes from Allen, which the children were going to bring out to me.
Kitty West wired, delighted for us to stay indefinitely.
Supper at Ward & Dorothy Hutchinson's2.

Editorial Notes

1bottle of Tokay KG
2in Hampsted KG

Hands Referenced

Places Mentioned

  • Blaina

    Ebbw Fach Valley, Wales, England
    hometown of 2 Welsh maids at Nottingham Place eds.
  • Paddington

    London, England
  • Osnaburgh Street

    Westminster, London, England
    location of Hotel of same name eds.
  • Hampstead


People Mentioned

  • Kitty West

    West, Katherine
    wife of English journalist, [Douglas West eds.]; lived in Regent Park [at 32 York Terrace eds.] where RG and LR stayed on exile from Mallorca (1936) R.P.G.; dedicatee of LR's A Trojan Ending eds.
  • A.G. (A.E.S.G)

    Graves, Amy
    Amy Graves, RG's Mother. WG
  • Kyllmann

    Kyllmann, O.K.
    of Constable's RG; also referred to as O.K. eds
  • A.B.


    Barker, Arthur
    Owner and director of Arthur Barker Ltd., the English publisher of I, Claudius and Claudius the God. Arthurby was L.R.'s nickname for him.
  • Mary

    Hale, Mary
    Welsh maid at Nottingham Place, sister Violet eds.; later, maid for RG and LR at Dorset St. "Laura pinched [her] from Kitty West" eds. KG
  • Violet

    Hale, Violet
    Welsh maid at Nottingham Place, sister Mary eds.
  • Allen

    Allen, J.B.
    London tailor KG
  • Ward

    Hutchinson, Ward
    Photographer. Contibuted to"Epilogue." W.G. R.G. often refers to "the Hutchinsons" (Ward & Dorothy) as a couple especially when they were staying on the island. eds.
  • Dorothy

    Hutchinson, Dorothy
    Ward Hutchinson's wife. WG

Organizations Mentioned

  • Constable & Co., Ltd.

    Constable Publishers. Arranged with them to print and distribute Seizin Press Epilogue and books. WG
  • Jonathan Cape Ltd.

    Jonathan Cape
    London publisher of Lawrence and the Arabs, Good-Bye to All That, No Decency Left, etc. eds.
  • A.S. Watt & Son, Ltd.

    Watt, A.S.
    RG's literary agent: first mentioned in November, 1935; team includes: Alexander Strahan Watt, and W.P. Watt et al, who may have handled different aspects of Graves' extensive European publishing and distribution. The firm replaced Eric Pinker. K.G. When did Pinker go, and why? KG