March 22 Monday

Still raining continuously.
Letter from Short. Mallorca 'terribly sad'.[RG] Gelat still in prison no charge yet. Juan wrote[RG]: has hopes of his release (March 13th) Juan wrote himself: also adde[RG] had hope[RG] and also[RG] for the end of this war "in the sense that we would desire it." Wrote to Honor with a diagram plotting the CAD1 centre of George Ellidge from pts [points] on the circumference.[RG]
* Sent off Claudius.
Blue china beads for Laura, 3 fr [francs].
No Trojan reviews yet.
Wrote note to my poems, translated George Sand's foreword to La Petite Fadette 2 for Laura.
Italians reported in panic-stricken flight: which has much impressed Lugano people – to laughter & talk of Caporetto3. English newspapers headlining this.
664 again: 2 tailors5.

Editorial Notes

1? eds.
2 La Petite Fadette by George Sand. Paris: J. Hetzel et Cie : V. Lecou, 1852. eds.
3reference to the Battle of Caporetto 1917 eds.
4card game eds.
5birdies KG

Hands Referenced

    • Annotation: ink correction
    • Character: regular
    • Ink: black

Places Mentioned

  • Lugano

    Lugano, Switzerland
    near the Italian border, where RG and LR spent part of 1937 eds.
  • Majorca/ Mallorca

    Majorca, Sp
    Largest of the Balearic Islands, located in the Mediterranean Sea off the eastern coast of Spain. R.G. and L.R. lived there, in Deyá, from 1929-1936. eds
  • Paris

  • Caporetto

    Caporetto, Venezia Giulia, Italy

People Mentioned

  • Short

    Shipping agent and operator of a lending library in Palma. K.G.
  • Gelat

    Más, Juan Marroig
    Juan Marroig Mas, called Gelat: Landowner on Deyá and friend of Robert Graves and Laura Riding (L.R. & R.G.'s factotum. W.G.)
  • Juan

    Mas, Juan Marroig
    Usually refers to Gelat's son, sometimes to Gelat himself. WG
  • Laura

    Riding, Laura
    (1901-91) American poet. Laura Riding (née Reichenthal; then Laura Gottschalk).
  • Honor

    Wyatt, Honor
    Journalist. Arrived in Deyá fortuitously. Married to Gordon Glover...Son Julian. W.G. First acquainted with R.G. and L.R. early in 1934; returned to visit in 1935; continued friendship in England. eds (RPG 211).
  • George

    Ellidge, George
    friend, married to Mary Burtonwood eds.; friend of Honor Wyatt's KG
  • George Sand

    Sand, George [pseud.]
    French author (1804-1876) eds.


    • Title: Claudius Film Version [The Fool of Rome] [a condensed novel based on I, Claudius]
    • Author: Graves, Robert
    • Title: Trojan Ending, A [novel]
    • Author: Riding, Laura
    • PubPlace: Deyá & London
    • Publisher: Seizin & Constable
    • Date: 1937