Sept 28 Wednesday

Consternation in village at Hitler's new[RG] ultimatum to Czechs which expires at 2 pm (Then general mobilization) probably to terrorize Parliament which meets at 2.45 pm.
The Levrels came to be comforted. Cats misbehaving everywhere. Sunny day.
Juan Anita & Francisca came out: we got mushrooms. Juan behaves very sensibly. At 6 he took us in a car to listen to the wireless. Chamberlain told Parliament that Hitler had been persuaded to a 24 hour postponent while he & Daladier [sic: Deladier]1 & Mussolini conferred with Hitler. Everyone relieved at the Hotel but our gorge rose. Fresh mobilization.
orders in the village[RG]

Editorial Notes

1Eduoard Daladier (1884-1970), French Prime Minister eds.

Hands Referenced

    • Annotation: ink correction
    • Character: regular
    • Ink: black

Places Mentioned

  • Hotel Ouest

    Montauban, Brittany, France

People Mentioned

  • Juan

    Vives, Juan
    The Doctor's brother. Married to Gelat's daughter. Lived in Rennes, France. WG
  • Anita

    Ana, Anita
    Marroig. Gelat's daughter, married to Juan Vives the Doctor's brother. Live in Rennes, France. WG
  • Chamberlain

    Chamberlain, Neville
    (1869-1940) British Prime Minister in the 1930s; m. to Anne Chamberlain née Cole eds.
  • Hitler

    Hitler, Adolf
  • Francisca

    The "Francisca" of "Laura and Francisca." eds. A young resident of Deyá; her mother Francisca Messiana helped out at Canellun. W.G. Also called Francisquita (but so were other Franciscas in the village). Later m. to Miguel Ripoll (see Friedmann 179) eds.
  • Levril

    family who ran[?] the Grand Chevrie farm at RG & LR's rented estate in Montauban, France eds.
  • Mussolini

    Mussolini, Benito
    (1883-1945) Fascist dictator ( "IL DUCE") of Italy from 1922-1943. eds.


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    • Title: The Swiss Ghost [formerly The Kind Ghost] [novel]
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