Aug 10th Saturday

Sala completed today; only windows not in yet.
Carl to Palma about passport: which was all right.
Got letters in village: Interested one from H.S. [Harrison Smith]which[RG] I answered, proposing terms for Richards $150 ($100 + $50) advance, 12 1/2% to 30001, then 15%: me to do an introduction, payments to be (2/3rd) made to him & also (1/3) direct to me, book to be in H.S [Harrison Smith]'s hands by December 1. And from Honor. Gordon with Molly again! Mrs Glover2 gave Honor permission to have another chap. And Gordon at St Peter's Square!3
Rosa came; fitting of Laura's grand dress with the bows.[RG] Got Catalina to come at 2 & do plums greengages[RG] which came in great quantity. She came & in 1 hour she & her little boy & I did 12 kilos which I then boiled up into jam — 12 ×××× [crossed out]2–lb jars & 12 1lb[RG] 6 1–lb jars & a 1lb pot; & she and the girls did 21 bottles of tomatoes with the powders. Sent 6 various jars to Fábrica.
To Soller in the new car: L [Laura] & I, with Gelat & Carl. We had supper at the Marina4 & it was very peaceful
G. [Gelat] told us about Maria Fidevera & the doctor5, & latter's danger at Hieronymo's6 hands. Today he bought a radio on approval. We decided to buy a gas–plant7.
Laura wrote to Honor & I wrote a longish letter to Honor too.

Editorial Notes

1copies. KG
2Gordon's mother. KG
4Soller Port. KG
5the Médico[?] eds
6Jeronimo, husband of Maria. KG
7butane. KG

Hands Referenced

    • Annotation: ink correction
    • Character: regular
    • Ink: black

Places Mentioned

  • Concordia

    Deyá, Majorca, Sp
    Salón Concordia. Gelat's café. Variously refered to as the Sala or the Salón. The village youths had shares in it. It was later called the Salón Deportivo. WG
  • Palma

    Palma, Majorca, Sp
    Capital and largest centre of Majorca.
  • St. Peter's Square

    Hammersmith, London, England
    Robert Graves and Laura Riding began living together in a flat there in 1927. (RPG 49); Gordon Glover and his mistress, Molly, took this address in 1935; also the location of Norman Cameron's flat in 1937 KG.
  • Hammersmith

    Hammersmith, London, England
  • Soller

    Soller, Majorca, Sp
    Town of some 10,000 inhabitants ten kilometers from Deyá. WG

People Mentioned

  • Richards

    Richards, Frank
    Author of Old Soldiers Never Die and Old Soldier Sahib which R.G. rewrote for him. Was in The Royal Welch Fusiliers, R.G.'s regiment. eds.; Birth name is Francis Phillip Woodruff eds. see Diary September 27, 1936
  • Laura

    Riding, Laura
    (1901-91) American poet. Laura Riding (née Reichenthal; then Laura Gottschalk).
  • Karl/Carl

    Goldschmidt, Karl
    Karl Goldschmidt, later Kenneth Gay: Graphic artist, friend and secretary of Robert Graves and Laura Riding since 1934. R. G. spells both as Carl and Karl.
  • Gelat

    Más, Juan Marroig
    Juan Marroig Mas, called Gelat: Landowner on Deyá and friend of Robert Graves and Laura Riding (L.R. & R.G.'s factotum. W.G.)
  • Honor

    Wyatt, Honor
    Journalist. Arrived in Deyá fortuitously. Married to Gordon Glover...Son Julian. W.G. First acquainted with R.G. and L.R. early in 1934; returned to visit in 1935; continued friendship in England. eds (RPG 211).
  • Gordon

    Glover, Gordon
    Married to Honor Wyatt. WG
  • Molly

    Hare, Molly
    Canadian. Third person in Gordon Glover-Honor Wyatt triangle; co-author of "A Mistake Somewhere". WG
  • Rosa

    Dress maker. Also made cushions, seat covers, etc. WG
  • Catalina

    Domestic help. Called in for white-washing, etc. WG
  • Maria Fidevera

    Fidevera, Maria
    ? the washing woman. Married to Jeronimo. W.G.; daughter Juana K.G.
  • Médico

    Vives, Antonio Dr.
    The village doctor (Deyá). At odds with Gelat (water rights controversy). His brother, Juan Vives, was Gelat's son-in-law. WG

Organizations Mentioned

  • Harrison Smith and Robert Haas

    R.G.'s American publisher for I, Claudius and Claudius the God. eds.
  • Fabrica

    Gelat's household including: his wife, the Madora, his daughter Magdalena, son Juan and daughter-in-law Anita. Other relations often present were Francisquito, his grandson, and Francesquita, Anita's little sister R.G., eds.