Sept 22 Wednesday

Alan sent Malala1's & Theophanes2 Latin accounts of the Nika riots3 so I had to rewrite Ch [Chapter] X & add 3 pp [pages] to it.
C.S.Evans sent a present of six Loebs (Fronto4, Jerome5, Claudian6 2, Eusebius7 2).
We went in the car to Holmbury St Mary & walked on Hurtwood Hill – bracken, whortleberries, gorse, heather, New Zealand (?) pines, elephants ear, logan berries & had drinks at the Royal Oak.
Laura working on 'allegiance' recommendation8.
3 pp [pages] of Ch [Chapter] XI Belisarius.

Editorial Notes

1John Malala eds.
2St. Theophanes the Confessor (c.732-818) eds.
3a week-long riot that took place in Constantinople in 532 eds.
4Marcus Cornelius Fronto eds.
5Saint Jerome d.419 or 20 eds.
6Claudius Claudianus c. 370-404 eds.
7Eusibius, Bishop of Caesarea c.260-c.340 eds.
8for Part V, The World and Ourselves eds.

Hands Referenced

Places Mentioned

  • Holmbury St. Mary

    Holmbury St. Mary, England
  • Hurtwood Hill

    Surrey, England

People Mentioned

  • Laura

    Riding, Laura
    (1901-91) American poet. Laura Riding (née Reichenthal; then Laura Gottschalk).
  • Alan

    Hodge, Alan
    Oxford history graduate. Became close friends with LR & RG. First husband of Beryl Graves. CP & WG
  • Evans

    Evans, C.S.
    director of Heinemann's KG

Organizations Mentioned

  • Loebs Classical Library

    a series of classical texts eds.


    • Title: Count Belisarius [1938]
    • Author: Graves, Robert
    • PubPlace: London
    • Publisher: Cassell
    • Idno: A47
    • Date: 1937-07-21
    • Title: The World and Ourselves [former title: Letter Book]
    • Author: Riding, Laura [contributor; with Sally Graves, Sir Edward Marsh et al]
    • Editor: Riding, Laura
    • PubPlace: London
    • Publisher: Chatto & Windus
    • Date: 1938-11