Jan 12 Thursday

Lawrence book1 published in England.2
Dictionary . Poems stabilized.[RG]
Wrote a long letter to Dunn about The War the Infantry Knew3 and another to Random House recommending it.
Recovered from my various slight aches & pains.
The game of the moment is San Francisco – darts in sequence from 1 – to 20.
The day's joke was asking Beryl for some glucinum. (Dict. definition: 'white metal obtained from Beryl.')

Editorial Notes

3 The War the Infantry Knew, 1914-1919 by J.C. Dunn. London: P.S. King & Son Ltd., 1938, 1987. eds.

Hands Referenced

    • Annotation: ink correction
    • Character: regular
    • Ink: black

People Mentioned

  • Beryl

    Pritchard, Beryl
    daughter of Harry and Amy Pritchard, R.G.'s second wife. Formerly married to Alan Hodge. Robert and Beryl had four children: William, Lucia, Juan and Tomas. eds
  • Dr. Dunn

    Dunn, Dr.
    Regimental surgeon of the 2nd Royal Welch Fusiliers RPG 136; Captain James Dunn? eds.
  • T.E.

    Lawrence, T. E.
    'Lawrence of Arabia.' Met Robert in Oxford in the early twenties. Made Robert his biographer and had him write "Lawrence and the Arabs." WG

Organizations Mentioned

  • Faber & Faber

    Publishers of Old Soldier Sahib and Old Soldiers Never Die. WG
  • Random House

    American publishers (New York) eds.


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