June 11 Thursday Corpus1

Spent whole morning in garden potting cuttings of white, and mauve-papery, carnations and various things Strenge sent us (she took carnation cuttings from us yesterday & two Cardoons2) – mixing various earths & juggling about the pots, making room. About 20 pots.[RG]
Smith3 came: gave instructions for the ancient iron balustrade between Canellun & Can Torrent and he and Gelat worked out how the front door balustrade should go.
The 'Proxies' (Macdonalds)[RG] are going, leaving a broken contract behind them: only paid 80 p [pesetas]. and baker spent 4000 p. [pesetas] on house.
Letter to Fuller.
To J.B.Allen ordering first decent suit for 7 years.
Planted the 'solanum'(alias Virgin's tears) by the torrent. Did all the watering, it being a fiesta4.
Gelat worked out ice-chest with us.
Tonight for the first time at cards each of us made a tailor5.
Laura and I worked out a scheme for my share in Poetry & Politics.

Editorial Notes

1Corpus Christi K.G.
2an edible perennial, closely related to globe artichoke eds.
3Blacksmith K.G.
4holiday K.G.
5refers to card game "66" eds.

Hands Referenced

    • Annotation: ink correction
    • Character: regular
    • Ink: black

Places Mentioned

  • Can Torrent

    Deyá, Majorca, Sp
    House next to Canellun also belonging to LR & RG. Built by Norman Cameron. WG
  • Torrent

    Deyá, Mallorca, Spain
    river that cuts through the valley below Graves' house, Canelluñ eds.
  • Canellun

    Deyá, Majorca, Sp
    Laura Riding and Robert Graves' house. Also Canellun (private) road. WG, KG

People Mentioned

  • Bill Fuller

    Fuller, William
    lawyer and researcher for Antigua Penny Puce KG; m. to Mary Fuller eds.
  • Gelat

    Más, Juan Marroig
    Juan Marroig Mas, called Gelat: Landowner on Deyá and friend of Robert Graves and Laura Riding (L.R. & R.G.'s factotum. W.G.)
  • Laura

    Riding, Laura
    (1901-91) American poet. Laura Riding (née Reichenthal; then Laura Gottschalk).
  • Strenge

    Strenge, Frau Emmi
    Schwarz's house keeper and ? mistress. WG
  • Proxy

    Macdonald, Proxy
    Living in DeyǰHad a sister. eds.
  • Allen

    Allen, J.B.
    London tailor KG


    • Title: Politics and Poetry [essay]
    • Title: Epilogue III
    • Author: Riding, Laura/ Graves, Robert/ Kemp, Harry/ Hodge, Alan/ Vara, Madeleine
    • Editor: Riding, Laura
    • PubPlace: Deyá & London
    • Publisher: Seizin & Constable
    • BiblScope: 6-53
    • Date: 1937