Enclosure – Letter from Catherine Nicholson

Dear Father,
I was so happy to be able to speak to you for the first time since you went to Spain. I will see you then, on Wed 9th unless you think that that will mean too short a time for me to stay in London. I will have to go back on the 15th to Sutton Veny as I have to get my school things in readiness for the ×××× [crossed out] 18th.
I am so looking forward to seeing Sam and David this afternoon as it is so infernally dull without them.
Last night it was very funny when the wireless was switched on to very vulgar comedy. Grandmother looked up suddenly and said "Is that English?" thinking that we had got on to a foreign station.
I am awfully excited about Jenny and the probability of jobs. I will ask David what he knows about them.
We had lovely weather up here for a few days but now that the boys are turning up it turns unpleasant again.
Love to Laura. Love to all
XXXX Love from Catherine.XXXX

Hands Referenced

Places Mentioned

  • Harlech

    Harlech, North Wales, Great Britain
    The location of the Graves family home, called "Erinfa."
  • Erinfa

    Harlech, North Wales, Great Britain
    Home of RG's parents, Alfred P. and Amy Graves; RG spent his childhood there, and returned to visit in August 1939 for the first time in 15 years. (RPG 314-15) eds.
  • London

  • Sutton Veny

    Wiltshire, ENGL
    The village where Nancy Nicholson lived. WG

People Mentioned

  • Jenny

    Nicholson, Jenny
    Jenny Nicholson: oldest daughter of Robert by Nancy Nicholson.
  • David

    Graves, David
    R.G.'s second child [by Nancy Nicholson]. W.G. In RAF; killed in the war. The only one of Graves' children who might have become a poet had he lived. K.G., eds.
  • Sam

    Graves, Samuel
    R.G.'s youngest child by Nancy Nicholson. C.P.& WG
  • Laura

    Riding, Laura
    (1901-91) American poet. Laura Riding (née Reichenthal; then Laura Gottschalk).
  • Catherine

    Nicholson, Catherine
    Catherine Nicholson: (1922- ) third of four children of Robert Graves and Nancy Nicholson. eds.

Organizations Mentioned

  • Editors

    Editors of the Graves Diary Project.