Enclosure – Letter from Deudraeth Rural District Council


Llys Ednyfed
Dear Sir/ Madam,


The Council are preparing a list of unfit houses for submission to the Ministry of Health under the provisions of the Housing Act, 1936 for demolition.
The houses referred to hereunder are included in the list because they are defective from either: –
Lack of air space; back in earth; lack of ventilation; no back doors and windows; insufficient light; dampness; no sanitary conveniences, such as Water Closets, Drains &c; washing accomodation; absence of reliable and convenient water supply; defective fire places and absence of fire place in one bedroom at least; defective cooking facilities and pantry; no court yard or garden and paved passages; altogether falling short of the general standard of houses in the District.
Before submitting the list, the council invites the owners to submit proposals for improving and rendering the houses fit for habitation.
A number of these houses were included in a previous list – the Council regrets that nothing was done then.
If it proposed to submit any plans and specifications of proposed improvements to the houses included in the present list, copies of such should be submitted not later than the 20th day of September, 1937.
It is proposed to include the following houses belonging to you in the list–
×××× [indecipherable] ×××× (2 houses)1
Yours faithfully
John Jones Clerk to the Council.

Editorial Notes

1the preceding name (of location?) is handwritten, and difficult to decipher. RG's cottage was called "Ysgol Wen." See article, "Powerless in the Matter": diary enclosure March 25, 1938. eds

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  • Harlech

    Harlech, North Wales, Great Britain
    The location of the Graves family home, called "Erinfa."
  • Erinfa

    Harlech, North Wales, Great Britain
    Home of RG's parents, Alfred P. and Amy Graves; RG spent his childhood there, and returned to visit in August 1939 for the first time in 15 years. (RPG 314-15) eds.

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  • A.G. (A.E.S.G)

    Graves, Amy
    Amy Graves, RG's Mother. WG

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    Editors of the Graves Diary Project.