Jan 12 Wed

Slept late (not in bed till [until] 2.30 am)
Two more drafts of the poem, now called The Censored Letter.
and telescoped ch [chapter]s 1 & 2 of Belisarius & rewrote the preface for the nth time.
Cross-copying finished.
Margaret Russell (shopped with Laura & stayed to supper). Mr Wood1 nearly dead & quite feeble-minded; scrawling 'L.S.D.2' over bits of paper.
She brought some wine
Alix & Harry to supper.
Kitty West sent an old English-Chinese snuff-box.

Editorial Notes

1 M.R.'s employer KG
2£-s-d KG; £-shilling-pence eds.

Hands Referenced

People Mentioned

  • Laura

    Riding, Laura
    (1901-91) American poet. Laura Riding (née Reichenthal; then Laura Gottschalk).
  • Harry Kemp

    Kemp, Harry
    Poet. Met Graves and Riding through James Reeves in August 1936, just after their arrival in England. In their previous correspondence, Riding had been intrigued by his falling-out with Communism. He became associated with their circle, collaborating on various projects. (RPG 248-49)
  • Alix Kemp

    Kemp, Alix
    Married to poet Harry Kemp. The couple shared a house with Graves and Riding in Ewhurst, Surrey (1937). eds (RPG 277); also referred to as Frau Eierman by RG eds. see Diary August 30, 1936
  • Margaret

    Russell, Margaret
    House-keeper L.R. & R.G. had had in London. WG
  • Kitty West

    West, Katherine
    wife of English journalist, [Douglas West eds.]; lived in Regent Park [at 32 York Terrace eds.] where RG and LR stayed on exile from Mallorca (1936) R.P.G.; dedicatee of LR's A Trojan Ending eds.


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