Friday May 13 1938

David came.
A row with him about rudeness: only settled in afternoon when we met at Jenny's bedroom in London clinic. He stopped the night.[RG]
Long talk with Mr Mills from whom bought a Greek glass seal 5/-1; an English butter stamp (swan) and pastry marker 1/62 each, and a 2/- Robinson Crusoe3 book for James Reeves.
Margaret had just had her separation order case at Croydon – apparently all right: she came with Leonard.
Maisie after supper, talking of indifferent subjects.
Laura worked with Len.

Editorial Notes

15 shillings eds.
21 shilling, sixpence eds.
3 The Life and Strange and Surprising Adventure of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, pub'd 1719 eds.

Hands Referenced

    • Annotation: ink correction
    • Character: regular
    • Ink: black

Places Mentioned

  • London Clinic

    Harley St., Westminster, London, England
    Clinic where Jenny Nicholson was treated for tonsillitis eds.
  • Croydon

    Croydon, England

People Mentioned

  • Laura

    Riding, Laura
    (1901-91) American poet. Laura Riding (née Reichenthal; then Laura Gottschalk).
  • Leonard

    Russell, Leonard
    son of Graves' housekeeper Margaret Russell KG
  • Margaret

    Russell, Margaret
    House-keeper L.R. & R.G. had had in London. WG
  • Mills

    Mills, Mr.
    an antique seller and friend of RG, and contributor to the Covenant of Literary Morality eds.; of Paddington Street, Marylebone KG
  • Jenny

    Nicholson, Jenny
    Jenny Nicholson: oldest daughter of Robert by Nancy Nicholson.
  • David

    Graves, David
    R.G.'s second child [by Nancy Nicholson]. W.G. In RAF; killed in the war. The only one of Graves' children who might have become a poet had he lived. K.G., eds.
  • Len

    Lye, Len
    New Zealand painter, sculptor, and filmmaker whom LR & RG had met in London. He helped with the Seizin Press publications. WG; married to Jane Lye, son Bix. eds.
  • James

    Reeves, James
    Schoolmaster, writer and Poet. Friend of Jacob Bronowski. W.G./ K.G.; m. to Mary Phillips; daughter Stella born June 14, 1938 eds.
  • Maisie

    Sommerville, Maisie
    Head of BBC Education broadcasting department. Friend of R.G. and L.R. Arranged accomodation for them when they returned to London as exiles. W.G., eds.