Oct 8 Sat

Swiss Ghost ch [chapter] IX.
My back is rather better, but I have taken no exercise for several days.
David made a drum for the house – apple keg, black ×××× [indecipherable] leather, cord, wooden guys.
Took Dorothy to pick her first mushrooms.

Hands Referenced

People Mentioned

  • David Reeves

    Reeves, David
    Brother of James Reeves [and Ethel Herdman] RPG 292.
  • Dorothy

    Simmons, Dorothy
    Sculptor associated with the Graves-Riding inner circle (1938-39). Married to Montague Simmons. eds


    • Title: The Swiss Ghost [formerly The Kind Ghost] [novel]
    • Author: Graves, Robert/ Riding, Laura
    • Date: 1937-04-22
    • Title: Dictionary [projected project; unfinished]
    • Author: Riding, Laura
    • Date: 1935