Jan 7th Tuesday

To Soller & saw Rovira who gave me another regimen & if that fails will take x-ray of appendix. Karl also saw R. for his nose-bleeds1.
Letters from H.S., Arthurby, about money sent.
Wrote to children & to H.S. also to Jonathan.
To bed early.
Quarles' Emblems2 came.

Editorial Notes

1boils, according to KG
2Francis Quarles; c.1632-35? KG

Hands Referenced

Places Mentioned

  • Soller

    Soller, Majorca, Sp
    Town of some 10,000 inhabitants ten kilometers from Deyá. WG

People Mentioned

  • Karl/Carl

    Goldschmidt, Karl
    Karl Goldschmidt, later Kenneth Gay: Graphic artist, friend and secretary of Robert Graves and Laura Riding since 1934. R. G. spells both as Carl and Karl.
  • Dr. Rovira

    Rovira, Dr.
    His practice was in Soller and he was used as their MD once village doctor quarrelled with Gelat. eds.
  • A.B.


    Barker, Arthur
    Owner and director of Arthur Barker Ltd., the English publisher of I, Claudius and Claudius the God. Arthurby was L.R.'s nickname for him.

Organizations Mentioned

  • Harrison Smith and Robert Haas

    R.G.'s American publisher for I, Claudius and Claudius the God. eds.
  • Jonathan Cape Ltd.

    Jonathan Cape
    London publisher of Lawrence and the Arabs, Good-Bye to All That, No Decency Left, etc. eds.