Ap Monday 6

Palma at 11.
Wasted a lot of time
Pedro, Catalina; Anita, Magdalena. Fiesta of Ramos 1. Bought fine work basket 8 pesetas. wooden shaving bowl, 2.50 pts [pesetas]. Pensión at Grand Hotel. Saw French film Variété 2(acrobatics & jealousy).
Slept badly owing to French couple honeymooning actively between 1 and 2.15. No word spoken, only activity & eructations.
Then cocks, trams
& hammering next
EPiLOGUE II went off.

Editorial Notes

1Easter K.G.
21925 eds.

Hands Referenced

Places Mentioned

  • Palma

    Palma, Majorca, Sp
    Capital and largest centre of Majorca.
  • Grand Hotel

    Palma, Majorca, Sp

People Mentioned

  • Tio/Don Pedro & Tia/Doña Catalina

    Pedro or Catalina
    Cousins of Gelat from Madrid; RG refers to them interchangeably as Don or Doña and Tio/a, meaning uncle or aunt eds.
  • Anita

    Mas, Anita
    Gelat's daughter-in-law, married to Juan Mas. WG
  • Magdalena Marroig

    Marroig Más, Magdalena
    Gelat's daughter. Later married Marcos Colom. WG


    • Title: Epilogue II
    • Editor: Riding, Laura & Graves, Robert
    • PubPlace: Deyá & London
    • Publisher: Seizin & Constable
    • Idno: B24
    • Date: 1936