Ap 11 Sat.

A bit better. Heavy windless rain.
Finished Chapter XVI1 8 pages.
Wrote to Roz & Sam. Later: Wrote 10 pages of Chapter XVII
Carmine tulip out. No-me-verras-sin-sols2 & Marguerites at their best. Anemones still flowering well, Garden roses out now and a few car[RG] summer carnations (yellow, & lilac). We have had climbing roses from the olive-tree bushes for some weeks.
Dummy & production estimate for Convalescent Conversations & for Almost Forgotten Germany.

Editorial Notes

1of Antigua. eds
2 nunca-me-verás-sin-sols"you-won't-see-me-without-the-sun" K.G.

Hands Referenced

    • Annotation: ink correction
    • Character: regular
    • Ink: black

People Mentioned

  • Ros

    Cooper, Rosaleen Dr.
    Dr. Rosaleen Cooper, R.G.'s sister. W.G.; husband Jim, sons Dan, Roger & Paul RPG.
  • Sam

    Graves, Samuel
    R.G.'s youngest child by Nancy Nicholson. C.P.& WG


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