July 11 Sunday.

Three new drafts of Galatea & Pygmalion
Toothache. Got up [figure - handdrawn }] breakfast
Did a good deal of housework. Harry & I invented two games of solitaire: one consisting of each trying to get two sets of marbles to opposite ends of the board moving or hopping over according to the lines marked on it, one[RG]
[figure - figure: sketch of marble gameboard] ; one consisting [figure - figure: sketch of marble gameboard] of each
trying by moves & hops to get ×××× [indecipherable] his[RG] set of five marbles into the green enclosure: a rule – "once into the enclosure no moving backwards."
A car ride to Charterhouse where I visited Gownboy Hall (broken chairs, dirty room, pleasant boys spending a rowdy (wet) idle Sunday afternoon) & Mr Stokes1, in Lib [Library], who recognized me at once.
Tired out by bonfire clearance of rubbish. Supper in bed: finished draft of prose-account of my poems.
Govt [Government] take Albarracin, near Teruel and six towns near Brunete.

Editorial Notes

1the boy's school librarian RPG

Hands Referenced

    • Annotation: ink correction
    • Character: regular
    • Ink: black

Places Mentioned

  • Brunete

    Brunete, New Castile, Spain
    City outside of Madrid eds.
  • Charterhouse

    Godalming, Surrey, England
    location of RG's old public school RPG 277-8
  • Albarracín

    Albarracín, Spain
  • Teruel

    Teruel, Spain

People Mentioned

  • Harry Kemp

    Kemp, Harry
    Poet. Met Graves and Riding through James Reeves in August 1936, just after their arrival in England. In their previous correspondence, Riding had been intrigued by his falling-out with Communism. He became associated with their circle, collaborating on various projects. (RPG 248-49)


    • Title: Pygmalion to Galatea [poem; revised July 1937 eds.]
    • Title: Poems (1914-1926) [1927]
    • Author: Graves, Robert
    • PubPlace: London
    • Publisher: William Heinemann, Ltd.
    • Idno: A23
    • Date: 1927