July 30 Friday

Reading Sidonius Apollinaris1
More heavy weather.
Going over draft of ch [chapter] 2.
The McCormacks came with Jennifer & we talked & played games (archery & putting) until they left at five.
Tooth aching less.
Continued work on ch [chapter] 2 until late at night (2 a.m. [sic: pm]) after Norman had arrived, with Alix, to stay a bit.
Karl, cataclysmic, is in bed today.

Editorial Notes

1 Poems and Letters by Saint Sidonius Apollinaris. Ed. William Blair Anderson. Cambridge, Mass., London: Harvard UP, W. Heinemann, Ltd. 1936. eds.

Hands Referenced

People Mentioned

  • Alix Kemp

    Kemp, Alix
    Married to poet Harry Kemp. The couple shared a house with Graves and Riding in Ewhurst, Surrey (1937). eds (RPG 277); also referred to as Frau Eierman by RG eds. see Diary August 30, 1936
  • Karl/Carl

    Goldschmidt, Karl
    Karl Goldschmidt, later Kenneth Gay: Graphic artist, friend and secretary of Robert Graves and Laura Riding since 1934. R. G. spells both as Carl and Karl.
  • McCormacks

    McCormack, Walter & Violet
    Tenants of Ca'n Torrent. Had two daughters: Jennifer, a dancer, & Betty. Continued their friendship with Robert and Laura in England. eds.
  • Norman Cameron

    Cameron, Norman
    Poet. Built Can Torrent in 1932-1933. W.G.; m. to Elfriede, then to Catherine Vandervelde; friend and contributor to LR and RG's work eds.