July 20 Tuesday

Face still swollen: a good deal of pain.
Two drafts of a poem called 'Cataphracts'1
Sunny day.
Read Procopius2, another fairly final draft of Cataphracts.
In bed, except to supper.

Editorial Notes

2i.e.The Secret History of Procopius by Procopius, of Caesarea. New York: Covici Fiede, 1934. eds.

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    • Title: Cataphracts [poem] [the initial title on drafts of "The Cuirassiers of the Frontier". See Complete Poems, Vol. II, pp. 80-81, and p. 311 (note and footnote). DW]
    • Author: Graves, Robert
    • Date: 1937-07-20
    • Title: Cuirassiers of the Frontier [poem: initially called "The Cataphracts". DW]
    • Title: Collected Poems (1938)
    • Author: Graves, Robert
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