Tuesday Nov 27[RG] Dec 1st

Was given 50 million (small dose) injection against streptococcus aureus (boils) by J.F. He jabbed me in the chest: I couldn't stand the assault on my stomach.
Cabled to Random House in reply. "Brother Harry Throughout Antigua1 Graves" The girl thought it was code.
*2 Jenny told me she was ill.
Nan to supper
Discussed with Laura and at 3 am decided to send for N.N.

Editorial Notes

1In the first edition of Anitgua Penny Puce, the "Letter to Brother Harry" was mistakenly addressed to Brother Frederick,(pp.125-128), while Harry Young was correctly named in the court scene (p. 181); in the Random House edition, The Antigua Stamp, the name "Frederick" has been replaced with "Harry" "throughout Antigua" as Graves dictates in the cable of Dec 1, 1936. eds
2Graves has relocated the four encircled lines at the end of this entry from the Dec. 2nd entry eds.

Hands Referenced

    • Annotation: ink correction
    • Character: regular
    • Ink: black

People Mentioned

  • J.F.

    Freeman, Dr. John
    friend of RG; married to Violet Freeman eds.
  • Robert

    Graves, Robert
    [1st person]. (1895-1985). Poet, novelist, essayist, critic, and author of his diary. eds.
  • Jenny

    Nicholson, Jenny
    Jenny Nicholson: oldest daughter of Robert by Nancy Nicholson.
  • Nan

    Roberts, Nan
    wife of Wilfred Roberts, the M.P. for North Cumberland eds.
  • Laura

    Riding, Laura
    (1901-91) American poet. Laura Riding (née Reichenthal; then Laura Gottschalk).
  • Nancy

    Nicholson, Nancy
    (1899-1977) First wife of Robert Graves; married 1918, separated 1927, divorced 1949. eds.

Organizations Mentioned

  • Random House

    American publishers (New York) eds.


    • Title: Antigua Penny Puce
    • Author: Graves, Robert
    • PubPlace: Deyá & London
    • Publisher: Seizin & Constable
    • Idno: A46
    • Date: 1936