Sunday Oct 25th

Slept long, breakfast in bed. Let Gordon off £6 (for Antigua auction help). Met Mary Burtonwood(& Tom & Julie) George kept away. Mary has been creating a local scandal with Green Man landlord. (George passed a dud cheque on Harold.)
By Suckling's car to Gt Bardfield. (Ghostliness.)
Lucy very well, John haggard. Miss Rose & Mrs Marjorie Scholt there. No real talk.
To London by Suckling's car.
Sent a note to Korda & Biro about scenario1

Editorial Notes

1for the Claudius screenplay eds.

Hands Referenced

Places Mentioned

  • London

  • Green Man

    Arkesden, Essex, England
    a public house whose landlord had an affair with Mary Ellidge RPG 258
  • Great Bardfield

    Great Bardfield, Essex, UK
    Home of John Aldridge and Lucy Brown at "The Place" RG, WPG 249-50

People Mentioned

  • Gordon

    Glover, Gordon
    Married to Honor Wyatt. WG
  • Korda

    Korda, Alexander
    Director of the film version of I Claudius.
  • Tom

    Matthews, T.S.(Tom)
    American journalist. Took sabbatical from TIME and arrived in Deyá in 1930. Involved from then on with L.R. and R.G. WG
  • Julie

    Matthews, Julie
    Tom Matthews' wife. WG
  • Biro

    Biró, Lajos
    (1883-1948) a journalist and political secretary in Budapest, Biró wrote screenplays for Alexander Korda, including the ill-fated Claudius script eds.
  • Harold Edwards

    Edwards, Harold
    Antiquarian bookseller & British Buddhist; bookshop at 4, Cecil Court off Charing X Rd. K.G.; wife Olive née Wallis and baby girl Sally. Karl Goldschmidt's employer in 1938. eds.
  • Mary

    Burtonwood, Mary
    married to George Ellidge but used her maiden name RPG 195
  • George

    Ellidge, George
    friend, married to Mary Burtonwood eds.; friend of Honor Wyatt's KG
  • Lucie

    Brown, Lucie
    Married artist John Aldridge. eds.
  • Aldridge

    Aldridge, John
    (1905-1983), painter and close friend and collaborator. WG m. to Lucie Brown 1940 eds.
  • Miss Rose

    Rose, Miss
  • Marjorie Scholt

    Scholt, Mrs. Marjorie


    • Title: Antigua Penny Puce
    • Author: Graves, Robert
    • PubPlace: Deyá & London
    • Publisher: Seizin & Constable
    • Idno: A46
    • Date: 1936
    • Title: Claudius [the film: based on I, Claudius, directed by Alexander Korda, starring Charles Laughton. It was never completed.]